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Technologies: Wireless Systems

wirelessWireless is a generic term.  In the general sense, it refers to any one of numerous optical or radio frequency communication systems.  In the industrial communications world it is synonymous with broadband communications and usually refers to high speed RF based communication links.

The Challenge

Most utilities now understand the need for wireless communication systems to connect both mobile and fixed devices to the various corporate networks, including everything from SCADA systems to the mobile work force.  A wide variety of technologies and vendors exist with new ones appearing almost daily. 

There are numerous challenges associated with implementing a broadband system.  These include security, RF coverage area, selecting a commercial carrier vs. building your own private system, evaluating on-going costs and making the spectrum selection.  Certainly one of the biggest hurdles for private systems is determining where the system will operate in the radio frequency spectrum. 

The Solution

Today there are limited opportunities for licensed spectrum options, but there are more developing on the horizon.  There are several unlicensed, spread spectrum alternatives being heavily promoted by equipment vendors.  Both licensed and unlicensed systems have their merits and drawbacks.  The shared unlicensed bands each have unique characteristics that must be taken into consideration.  Coverage area is, to a great deal, a function of the technology applied and the antenna systems.  Interference from other co-channel users of the spectrum is also an issue.  With our experience, the proper design criteria can be applied, alleviating a great deal of the down side of spread spectrum systems.   

Utility Telecom has experience with all phases of the planning, propagation modeling, system design and implementation of a wide variety of systems, both licensed and un-licensed.  These range from relatively simple point-to-point systems to complex mobile implementations.

Utility Telecom can be a member of your client/consultant project team to address a wireless system implementation.  We understand the utility business and the RF technology, helping to customize a best fit solution for your environment.

Contact Utility Telecom Consulting Group to discuss your telecom needs today. You may also fill out our inquiry form and we'll get back to you immediately.