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Services: Detailed Engineering Design

dedOur professional staff is predominantly composed of Telecom engineers who have worked for years in a utility environment.  We have the experience, skills, and expertise to adequately and accurately characterize an existing Telecom infrastructure/network as an immediate first step towards providing the detail engineering design required by our clients.

We believe that in order to provide this service with the highest quality and constructability, it is essential that we know and understand the existing system so that we can engineer and design the most appropriate solution to bring about the desired results.  Minimizing the ‘learning curve’ and the time associated with it while maximizing interaction with the client to better define the objectives is foremost in our procedures.  Our “hands-on” approach to engineering and design helps minimize field corrections and re-design.

We provide detail engineering and design services for a broad range of systems mix and sizes including:

  • Digital microwave links design including path surveys and interference analyses
  • Fiber optic systems (outside and inside plant) design including route selection
  • Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Digital Access Cross-connects (DACS)
  • Mobile radio coverage predictions including site selection
  • Interfacing with IP-centric networks/systems
  • Converting an analog system to a digital system (microwave and/or fiber)
  • Synchronization, Network Management, and Overhead channel systems
  • SCADA, Multiple Address Systems, and Mobile Radio systems
  • Site development including towers, shelters, roads, and fences
  • DC Power Systems including standby generators and transfer switches
  • Grounding systems (shelter, tower, equipment, waveguide and coax runs)
  • Circuit additions to existing digital systems
  • Interfacing digital circuits/systems with analog circuits/systems
  • Drawing system development or simplifying an existing system
  • Any unique and/or special application that our Client needs

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