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Services: Contract Negotiation

contract negotiationsIn a field as diverse as telecommunications, with rapidly changing technology and FCC rules, there are occasions when multi-faceted contract negotiations with telecom service providers or vendors become necessary.  This requires a unique blend of technical as well as interpersonal skills to negotiate contracts and agreements for our Clients.  We have been very successful in the past at helping our clients through these complex negotiations.

We intervene with our Clients so that they don’t blindly enter into negotiations without the proper background or technical and regulatory knowledge.  Vendors and service providers may not have the Client’s best interests in mind, but Utility Telecom does.  We understand the utility and energy industries, the FCC and other Federal and State regulations, and have the engineering expertise to enter into negotiations for the Client with these added advantages.

We have successfully negotiated for Personal Communications Services (PCS) relocation packages for several utilities in the past.   Today, there is still some need to negotiate similar packages for relocating incumbents in the upper 2 GHz satellite spectrum.  Also, frequency spectrum is increasingly becoming scarce and utilities have more and more need for acquiring it.  We can help with FCC database searches to find unused spectrum, negotiate with existing licensees that are already on the frequencies for close spacing agreements, or negotiate purchases of spectrum from spectrum providers as appropriate.

There is now a new breed of “full-service wireless providers” that are approaching utilities with the idea of negotiating for tower space and backhaul on the utility’s private telecom systems in return for access to spectrum and other services.  In addition, many offer revenue opportunities.  These must be carefully evaluated and negotiated.

Or, it may be that you or another utility in your area is expanding their private telecommunications infrastructure with new fiber or microwave systems and has approached others to share in that endeavor to reduce costs and extend capabilities for all parties.  We have successfully helped utilities in performing feasibility studies and negotiations for these shared systems.

Whatever your need, Utility Telecom has the professional staff who have the proper technical expertise as well as effective negotiating skills to get the job done.  We will negotiate for you the best deal possible!

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