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Services: Field Support

fieldl supportWith Utility Telecom Consulting Group’s (Utility Telecom) vast knowledge and many years of experience within the utility industry, Utility Telecom’s professional staff can competently provide Field Support Services when, due to work overload, lack of personnel, or lack of expertise, clients are unable to perform such duties. Utility Telecom provides Field Support Services whether it is in the area of microwave, satellite, two-way radio, fiber, SCADA or other utility telecom systems.

Examples of the Field Support Services that we provide include field supervision during the construction of towers, antenna systems, communication shelters, site grounding, path alignment or any other telecom site civil work.  In addition, Utility Telecom can provide Field Support supervision with the installation of equipment such as microwave radios, two-way radios, multiplexers, fiber equipment, SONET multiplexers, DC power systems, back-up power systems and other telecommunications equipment.  Utility Telecom also supervises equipment testing, turn up, cutover and initial operation of all these telecommunication networks.

Utility Telecom staff has the technical and practical experience needed to perform Field Support Services for telecom installations in power plant and substation environments.  Special consideration and installation practices are necessary to assure quality workmanship and safety due to the unique, sometimes potentially hazardous, and mission-critical nature of these environments.

Many times Utility Telecom has acted as the liaison between the client and its contractors during the construction phase of the telecom network build out.  As part of this service offering, Utility Telecom has attended factory acceptance testing of networks/equipment on behalf of the client to assure that the equipment is assembled, wired, and functioning as specified.

These are but a sampling of what Utility Telecom can do for you.  Please contact us for any particular requirements you may have now or in the future.  Allow us to demonstrate our capabilities and flexibility in meeting your Field Support Services needs.

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