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seminarsOverview of Meter Reading and Distribution Automation Communications
This seminar provides an overview of meter reading and distribution automation communications technology. Topics include wireless, satellite, cellular and PCS, power line carrier, cable TV and telephone based communication links. Some of the questions addressed include: how do the various communications media work? What are the major components, merits and drawbacks of each major type of system? What are the most popular systems being deployed today? What are the technological, regulatory and business risks associated with each technology? How are utilities integrating Outage Management, Distribution Automation and Automatic Meter Reading systems? How do the various PCS and cellular based systems work and what is coming in the near future?

This interactive two to three hour workshop includes color slides, handouts and question and answer periods.

220 MHz Radio Systems - Issues and Applications
The upcoming FCC auction of 220 MHz radio spectrum may be one of the last opportunities to acquire additional, prime mobile radio frequencies. This seminar provides an overview of the opportunities and issues associated with this band. Included in this presentation: an overview of land mobile radio spectrum and why 220 MHz propagation characteristics are so desirable; the FCC's channel plans and narrowband technologies; limitations and equipment issues created by the narrow channel allocations; applications other than voice; what the manufacturers are doing; acquiring channels through the auction process; how the auction works and getting into 220 MHz without going to the auction.

This 2-3 hour, on-site seminar includes handouts and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Telecom 101 For Utility Companies
An overview of how all types of utility companies are using telecommunications technology to retain customers, improve internal operations and enter new businesses. Includes a non-technical overview of voice, data and video technologies of today along with a look at the future. Includes a regulatory overview and discussion of existing and proposed telecommunications legislation of significance to the utility environment.

Whether you are new to the industry, new to the field of telecommunications or experienced and just need an update, this presentation provides a timely overview.

Back by popular demand, this seminar has been given to small groups, individual companies and at national conventions.

This 90 minute presentation is followed with a question and answer period. It includes handouts, color overhead slides and can be customized to your requirements.

Cellular, PCS and The Electric Utility Company
This non-technical presentation reviews cellular and Personal Communications Service (PCS) technologies, applications in the utility environment and business opportunities utilizing utility company infrastructure.

In an easy to understand format the operation, differences and similarities of cellular and PCS systems are explained. Answers your questions including: How are utilities using cellular and PCS systems for core business, customer retention, telemetry and metering? Why cellular and PCS won╠t replace your radio dispatch system. How are utilities sharing infrastructure with cellular and PCS providers? What are cellular and PCS carriers looking for from utility companies? Why will proposed legislation make it even more important for wireless carriers to share utility infrastructure? What kinds of voice and data applications are appropriate for this media?

This 90 minute presentation is followed with a question and answer period. It includes handouts, color overhead slides and can be customized to your requirements.

Fiber Optics and the Electric Utility Company
This workshop provides participants with an overview of fiber optic technologies and their application to the electric utility business. In understandable terms describes how fiber transmission systems work, why they have so much capacity and techniques being used and invented to make them "obsolescence proof". Includes a review of how utilities are using fiber today, in the plant, office and for wide area telecommunications. Also a section on fiber and business opportunities, risks and rewards of being in the telecommunications business and the regulatory environment.

This two hour, interactive workshop includes color slides, handouts and samples of different types of fiber optic cables. It can be customized to your specific requirements.

LMDS As A Business Venture - Risks and Rewards
This seminar provides an overview of the proposed broadband wireless Local Multi-Point Distribution Service (LMDS). It includes an overview of LMDS technology, what license winners are doing with their spectrum, and specific examples of how utilities might enter the business or use LMDS services.

This non-technical seminar will answer your questions about LMDS including: What is LMDS ? What services will LMDS be able to deliver? How do we get into the LMDS business now that the auctions are over? What can utilities do with LMDS license winners? How do effectively structure the LMDS build out process? What are the technological, regulatory and business risks associated with this technology? What are other utility companies doing in the LMDS arena?

This 90 minute seminar includes color slides, handouts and a question and answer period.

All these seminars can be presented at your place of business.

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