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Services: Implementation Strategies

implementation strategiesThe utility industry is typically technically astute and fairly self-contained when it comes to telecommunications networks and infrastructures.  It is not uncommon for a Client, primarily due to lack of resources and/or time, to request our assistance in developing and implementing a particular telecom network expansion or modification project that they have already planned out.

As with any project we undertake, our first step involves interacting very closely with the Client to make sure we have a thorough understanding of the Client’s objectives and develop a set of “Shared Expectations”.  We firmly realize that this first and critical step is what determines the quality of the project results and the corresponding level of success achievable.

We then call on our professional staff’s wealth of experience and depth of expertise in formulating different implementation strategies that will achieve the project’s objectives and meet, or exceed, the “Shared Expectations”.  This involves further interaction with the Client via meetings, conference calls, site visits, and other multi-media means that we have at our disposal.

We can offer alternative implementation strategies to our Clients because of the planning and engineering expertise and the proven field experience of our professional staff.  We leverage this powerful combination to our Client’s advantage by recommending only the alternatives that we know are practical and constructible while identifying any constraints, issues, or caveats that may impact the implementation.

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