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Technologies: Microwave Network Design

microwave systemsMicrowave systems have improved greatly in the last few decades. The equipment available "off the shelf" now provides for longer paths and automatic switching to alternate equipment in the event of a failure. "Skinny band", 900 MHz and broadband 2-6 GHz systems are being implemented easily.

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Private microwave systems have historically proven to be the most reliable and cost effective method of supporting the wide range of communications needed for system operation. Once microwave systems are installed to provide the necessary system operations communications (telemetry, protective relay and SCADA services to plants, substations and dispatch centers) it is very cost effective to add administrative voice, corporate data circuits and often high quality video on the same system.

Microwave systems are designed and constructed to provide the highest practical levels of reliability. They also can be configured to provide the minimum amount of communication channel delay so they are ideally suited to protective relay channel service

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