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Services: Vendor Selection

vendor selectionAt Utility Telecom, we pride ourselves on being an independent consulting firm.  We do not have ties or marketing schemes nor receive any remuneration from any equipment manufacturer, vendor, supplier, contractor, or solutions provider.  You can be certain that when you enlist our services to assist you in your vendor selection process, you will receive an independent, unbiased, and comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.

With our many decades of combined experience in the utility industry, we are familiar with a wide range of technologies and vendors, both old and new.  We will work closely with your staff to determine exactly what kinds of equipment or services are required, and then guide you through the process of determining which vendor(s) might best fulfill those requirements.  Whether you need to expand, upgrade, or replace an old system, or require a completely new but flexible system to make a positive contribution to your organization’s bottom line, Utility Telecom can help you through any or all phases of the vendor selection as well as the equipment installation processes.

In addition to the traditional major electronics equipment, there are many other ancillary systems that must be installed in a typical telecommunications project.  Items such as radio towers, AC & DC power systems, equipment buildings and housings, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), access and security, cabling, conduits, technical training, documentation, reliability, interoperability, and vendor support, to name a few, are just as critical to the integrity and operability of your organization’s telecom network as are the high-tech, major electronics equipment.  Utility Telecom understands this and we can help you select the right vendor(s) for both the “soup” and the “nuts.”

Utility Telecom realizes that while some utilities have a highly technical staff that installs and maintains most or all of the equipment themselves, other utilities simply do not have the internal resources necessary to perform such a daunting task.  Whether you simply want to purchase equipment, or would rather have the vendor(s) install and maintain everything for you, or something in-between, you can rest assured that Utility Telecom can help you select the right equipment, services, and/or vendors to help your organization succeed!

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