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Clients: Projects

Big Rivers Electric Corporation - Henderson, KY

  • Planning and design of a digital microwave expansion of approximately fifteen hops
  • Planning and design for an upgrade of a two-way radio system for BREC and its members
  • Project management and oversee vendor installation of a digital microwave expansion

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Corn Belt Power Cooperative - Humboldt, IA

  • Telecommunications consulting services to aid Corn Belt Power in the digital upgrade project. Services included system design, path engineering, field verifications, preparation of permits, licensing, specifications, RFP's, drawings, inventories and site and rack layouts.
  • Also included project management support, scheduling, tracking, project correspondence and reports on the status of completion of work.
  • Wireless network planning and feasibility study

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Nebraska Public Power District - Columbus, NE

  • UHF radio system licensing
  • Automatic Meter Reading Study pilot project focused on testing of LEO technology specific to NPPD Meter locations.
  • Preliminary engineering, planning, path profiles and design in order to aid NPPD with a detailed estimate for a microwave expansion from Julian to Auburn ATF to Auburn EOF.
  • Telecommunications consulting services to aid NPPD in the planning and design of a Sonet extension from Kelly to Columbus HQ.
  • Planning, design and engineering of the Hoskins-Twin Church microwave extension.
  • Planning and design for additions to NPPD's existing videoconference network

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PacifiCorp - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Design and engineering to facilitate site surveys of proposed or existing radio communication sites in Idaho and Utah in order to document all sites and validate information to facilitate site design
  • Aided PacifiCorp in developing a frequency plan for the new narrowband layout for all districts. This included a methodology for use of all existing frequencies as well as a strategy to relocate incumbents for additional frequencies as required.
  • Design and engineering calculations for an intermod radio interference study for Abajo Peak.

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Southern Illinois Power Cooperative - Marion, IL

  • UTAM /PCS coordination issues
  • Microwave path engineering for spread spectrum links
  • Special studies regarding licensing issues
  • Path profiles, map work, planning, engineering, feasibility and cost analysis of alternative microwave systems for a communications network plan.
  • Path surveys, network planning, detailed engineering, specification, design and project management to complete a digital microwave network upgrade for Southern Illinois Power's microwave system.

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