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Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association - Denver, CO

  • Developed a strategic microwave system plan for a three state service territory which included recommendations and budget estimates for programs and projects for a five year implementation period.
  • Developed a strategic plan for a three state UHF digital mobile radio system, including design, five year plan, budgeting, technology evaluation, channel acquisition, licensing (210 mobiles, 110 portables, 120 base, control & repeaters).
  • FCC licensing and mobile radio system coverage maps for UHF radio system design.
  • PCS negotiation, transition planning, engineering, RFP preparation, design, project management, and installation for 2 GHz relocation & new 6 GHz microwave install.
  • Feasibility study of an inter-utility microwave & fiber backbone between four utilities in N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.
  • Member Company training re radio & refarming technology.
  • Preparation of RFP and negotiation for UHF radio contractual arrangements
  • Planning, design, and procurement of all types of digital microwave links & fiber optic terminal equipment to support new substations.
  • Planning, design, licensing, procurement and project management for installation of 960MHz thru 10 GHz digital micro links in CO and NE.
  • Engineering and design of telecommunications circuits throughout system for real time metering into substations.
  • Site surveys and documentation for NM radio sites and installation of RTÙs in various subs.
  • Renewed a strategic telecommunications plan for five state service territory in 2006-06 for programs and strategies through 2015.
  • Fiber planning and engineering for Southeast Colorado expansions.
  • Support of mobile radio design and engineering for system expansions for expanded transmission corridors.

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