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East Kentucky Power Cooperative - Winchester, KY

  • Developed a telecommunications strategic plan for EKPC and a network connecting their 18 member companies. Included training seminars with the 18 member RECCs.
  • PCS negotiation and transition planning for 2GHz microwave relocation by PCS providers.
  • Design, engineer, install, project management and training on 6 GHz digital radio installation to replace 2 GHz PCS relocated hops.
  • Wide Area Network planning, feasibility studies, specification and implementation management for fiber optic, microwave additions, leased service availability, and new business opportunities.
  • Detailed planning, engineering and design of a wide area telecommunications network.
  • Engineering, design and documentation of all initial traffic to be implemented at cutover.
  • Make Ready Work: Engineering and Design of grounding and AC wiring at microwave sites in preparation for installation of microwave.
  • Path engineering and field verification.
  • Fiber engineering and engineering support for HQ and 20 last mile fiber locations.
  • Additional project management support to aid EKPC in the administering of the digital microwave project with Alcatel USA.
  • Planning, engineering design and documentation to aid East Kentucky's Telecom Team in the cutover of an analog microwave to the new digital network.
  • Microwave, Mobile radio FCC licensing.
  • Field verification of radio signal strength via drive tests for mobile radio systems.
  • Design of a Backup Control Center including stratum clock, jackfields, 2 Way radio console, DSX jackfields, Tellabs DACS server, site drawings, orderwire and network synch.
  • Preparation of a written Telecom Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Design and planning of SCADA systems for EKPC members.

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